Demos: Quick Start Guide

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1) Onboarding: getting you started

This app is designed to familiarize you with the Lynx-R1's core features, from button functionalities and the flip-up mechanism to navigating the user interface and mastering hand interactions.


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2) Planetarium: play with the solar system

The solar system at your fingertips. Take the sun outside of the VR orb to experience true AR. This app is designed to showcase the capabilities of mixed reality with a solar system. In addition, the app shows you how to use primary hand gestures while having fun by grabbing planets and having the possibility even to throw them. Use case: The app may be used for educational purposes to teach on the solar system. 


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3) Marble Game: build a marble maze

Build your own maze with the Marble Game. This app is designed to showcase physics such as gravity while playing with marbles to see how they react to the different maze landscapes you design. 


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4) Toy Paper Plane: throw paper planes in the air

Entertainment app to have fun in mixed reality. Throw paper planes in your room and visualize how the fly around you. Have fun! 

Use case example: a simple app that showcases the power of mixed reality in real-life settings.


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5) Lynx Brush: draw anything

Unleash your creativity with the Lynx Brush painting app. This app enables you to draw, walk, and paint in mixed reality. The possibilities are endless.  


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6) Heart Anatomy: training in the medical field

Discover the heart’s anatomy in 3D with the Lynx-R1. Traditional learning methods use books displaying pictures of the heart in 2D, whereas our bodies are in 3D. This innovative educational app showcases a 3D visualization of the heart to help students get a better understanding of the heart’s anatomy. 


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7) Wind Turbine: engineering design review

Discover what’s inside a wind turbine. This app features a complex CAD model (a wind turbine) that can be explored from the inside for a collaborative design review. The collaborative mode is coming soon. Use case example: engineering design reviews and industrial planning and manufacturing. 


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8) Volumetric Video: training in the medical field

Learn how to perform a professional gesture thanks to volumetric video. Volumetric video showcases a 3D scene recorded from a real-life situation. The app showcases a training dedicated to heart surgeons. The Lynx-R1 enables to visualize the 3D scene allowing medical students to repeat on-demand and at their own pace the training to perfect their skills until they feel confident and reassured. Use case example: all types of training that require very specific gestures. For example medical and military training and vocational schools.


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9) Cultural Heritage: museum experience

Discover the historical Khayiminga temple, located in the city of Bagan in Myanmar (Burma) with Lynx-R1. Switch to VR to get fully immersed in the temple at 1:1 scale.

Use case example: visiting scale models of real-life locations to preview a trip or location. 


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10) Videosphere: museum experience

Videosphere is a 360º video viewer on the Lynx-R1. This app loads 360º videos (e.g. training or educational videos) which can be placed anywhere around the user as walkable spheres in AR. Use case example: management of a variety of immersive courses, stored on SD cards, made convenient for teachers. 


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