Application Store in Beta

Published on 28 Nov 23 by Lynx

Our application store is currently open to developers and ready to serve applications.

We are starting to roll out our solution for app distribution and if you are a developer, you can start to enroll your organization (or yourself if you're self-employed) today.

For now, we only support free apps. We will support paid apps starting January 2024.

Organization and application pages are public but we will keep the main front-endof the store hidden as we test the system with the community.

The store will work on both desktop and Lynx devices to download packages. We completely changed the installation process of .apk files in the Lynx headset to allow .apk to be installed smoothly from our main web browser: Wolvic.

We are excited to collaborate with developers to kickstart the most open ecosystem in AR/VR.

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