Introducing the Lynx Portal

Published on 11 Oct 22 by Lynx

This new website is the first block of our new infrastructure to share resources with you and bring services to Lynx users.

The main goal is to have a space where we can discuss with our users and community at large, to gather feedback.

The Portal also serves documentation, downloads, and soon our API and the application store.

We will roll out more features and downloads every week, the system is built to be massively expandable and very secure. It will serve as the main hub for Lynx, and will replace our e-commerce on the main domain early next year.

November and December are going to be intense for us at Lynx as we roll out the first devices in the wild and in the hands of our Kickstarter backers.

We shared our SDK so if you're a developer, you can technically start developing on Lynx while waiting to test on a device. If some of you are building apps all the way to the .apk, we will gladly try them and even share them on our updates.

Read more about the Portal here.

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