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Portal is our new platform to interact with our users and deliver services.

Portal will serve the upcoming application store, our download section, community support, documentation, and an API for our devices.

The system is built to be secure and massively expandable over time, with us bringing features every week as we build with you the Lynx community. We'll try our best to keep this process as transparent as possible, like we do with the rest of our work.

We do not collect any personal information other than what is needed to perform optional monetary transactions. All payments are processed by Stripe, a PCI-compliant third-party.

We do not track user behavior via Javascript trackers (we use very little javascript anyway) and Portal doesn't have third-party dependencies except our payment gateway.


You can use most of Portal features without an account, but we encourage you to create one in order to participate in the Community Center.

The community center is basically a forum. We'll use this space to discuss with our community, to see what kind of hardware and software features we should prioritize in the future for example.

Help using Portal

If you have trouble using Portal, found any bug, or want to help, please use the Help! section of the community center. All threads created in this section are only visible by you and the Lynx team.

Alternatively, contact Stan at stan[@t]lynx-r.com