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This article describes the samples provided with the Lynx SDK.

These samples are organized in the same fashion as the SDK, the goal is to quickly understand which module is required for each sample.



Gather basic samples:

0.Head Poser: A simple scene to experiment with headset tracking, using OpenXR's XRRig.

Warning : For the following example scenes, you need to import TMPro Essentials and reload the scene to make the text appear.

1.ARVR: A scene that switches automatically from VR to AR, using Layers to make objects disappear or not.

2.ARVRCallback: A scene that switches automatically from VR to AR, using Callbacks to make objects disappear or not.

3.FullARMode: A scene completely in AR, showing only objects tagged as “FullARObject”.

4.AudioVolumeIndicator: A scene that displays a volume level gauge when the corresponding buttons are pressed.


Samples under handtracking are sorted by categories.

Handtracking: A scene demonstrating the use of handtracking with a simple button, AR/VR switch and tooltip functions.

LynxInterfaces: A scene with an interface using our Unity interface overlay, designed for AR/VR applications. 

For more information on our overlay, please consult the following documentation: Lynx.UI.