Lynx R-1 firmwares

Firmware for the Lynx R-1 headset.

Latest Releases


Released 26 days ago

OpenXR Runtime v1.12:

Download 1.1.6

MD5 checksum: 48ffd480d7ed761760f69d462637b6f5


Released 2 months ago

Download 1.1.5

MD5 checksum: d858369e54f525a1654b97bf27659cf0


Released 3 months ago

Download 1.1.4

MD5 checksum: 0c9a6eca1274e4476697bdb9f80b74e7


Released 7 months ago


This release contains:


Before installing it, the following files must be installed in /mnt/vendor/persist/qvr:

The option “Erase all before download” must be unchecked before installing with QFIL.

Known Issues

After the first boot, the device displays black pictures. The device must be restarted (powered off then on) 10s after the first boot, to display pictures properly.

When the displays are switched off then on, the device displays black pictures. It must be restarted (powered off then on).

Download 1.0.0

MD5 checksum: 7e64bb7bc047291668e35b41c13676f3