Updating your device

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Updating or restoring your Lynx R-1

We are dedicated to update the software on Lynx R-1, and on this page you will learn or to update your headset to the latest firmware available or restore it to a specific version.

Updating to the latest firmware

It is best to plug your headset to charge it while this process occurs.

  1. Turn on your headset and put it on
  2. The launcher app has a Settings tab, click on it with your finger
  3. Connect your headset to a Wifi network through the Wifi menu
  4. Click the button "Update" on the main Settings panel if an update is available for your device
  5. Let the process download the latest firmware and apply it, this could take several minutes, and will also depend on your internet connection speed.

If this process does not work, see the rest of this document.

Updating to a specific version

If for some reason you want to reverse an update or update to a specific firmware version, it is possible with your Lynx R-1.

You will need a computer for the following steps.

In your headset:

  1. Turn it on, the launcher should start
  2. Go to Settings, and turn on the toggles "Turn on File transfer" and "Turn on debug"
  3. Keep your headset on, but you can turn the displays off.

On your computer:

  1. Install "adb" on your computer. This utility will create a bridge between your headset and your computer. You can follow this guide.
  2. Go to the Lynx R-1 firmware download page, choose your version and download it on your computer.
  3. Once download, open a prompt/terminal window, and type:
adb reboot sideload-auto-reboot
adb wait-for-sideload
adb sideload YourVersion.zip

with YourVersion.zip replaced with the downloaded file.

None of this works! What do I do?

Sometimes you can't access the launcher, or the update process might not work (if you have a rooted device), or you just see a black screen. For this reason, there is a last resort.

Restore your Lynx R-1 with QFIL

Lynx R-1 is using the XR2 chipset from Qualcomm. There is a protocol we can use to restore the firmware chipset (and the full OS) with it, as long as you can turn the headset on.

QFIL, also known as the Qualcomm Flash Image Loader, is a Windows-based software tool designed to flash or install firmware images onto devices powered by Qualcomm.