Battery and Charging

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Battery and Charging

  1. Front LED colors
  2. Charging Process
  3. Charging Protocols (QC2; QC3; Power Delivery (PD))

This page is under construction, information may not be up to date.

1. Front LED colors

When the Lynx-R1 is turned on, the front LED color will reflect the battery status

If the Lynx-R1 doesn't boot, the front LED might indicate the cause:

2. Charging Process

Please take into account the following comments to properly charge the Lynx-R1:

Charging process with V1.1.6 firmware.

Charging process with V1.1.7 firmware.

  1. Green : between 100% and 80%;
  2. Yellow : between 80% and 50%; 
  3. Red : below 50%

3. Charging Protocols

(Certifications are still in process, this information might change)

The Lynx-R1 should be compatible with :

PowerDelivery seems to be the more efficient and we recommend a 20W charger coupled with a USB-C: 2.0 cable.