Lynx UI

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Lynx provides quick and easy solutions for integrating graphical interfaces for the XR. The interfaces are currently compatible with XR Hands (Handtracking) and XR Gaze Interactors (Headtracking or Eyetracking). And in the future, with Controllers too.



You can add these interface elements by simply right-clicking in the hierarchy and accessing the Lynx > UI menu.




Theme Manager         A theme manager controling colors of every scene button using it 
CanvasWorld space Canvas, with a Tracked Device Graphic Recaster. (Scale 1.1.1)
LabelA text (TMPRO) with a size adapted to the lynx UI
ImageClassic unity image with the lynx UI shader
Simple ButtonA button that calls up Unity Events at a simple press of a button.
Toggle ButtonA button with two states, toggle or untoggle, calling Unity Events.
Timer ButtonA button that calls up Unity Events after prolonged pressing.
Switch ButtonA button with two states, on or off, variant of the toggle button.
Slider ButtonA slider that can be moved between a minimum and maximum value.
Hand MenuHand menu canvas pre-setup for hand tracking