1.1.8 firmware is out!

Published on 21 Dec 23 by Lynx

The 1.1.8 firmware for Lynx R-1 is out.

This minor update includes a set of interesting features:

  1. The ability to activate/deactivate the lens distortion in the OpenXR compositor. This can be useful if you want to record/share a session.
  2. Updated Ultraleap hand-tracking service. Less jitter on the hands.
  3. Compatibility with the Khronos loader for OpenXR apps
  4. Updated our system apps (Launcher, Onboarding, Virtual Display)
  5. Ability to download and install apk files through Wolvic

Feel free to visit our documentation and learn how to update your device.

The full and detailed changelog is here.

This is also the first firmware where we deploy partial OTA updates, meaning if you were already on 1.1.7, you don't need to download the whole firmware but just the patched files!

The SDK and Preview package were also updated, with exciting features like access to the PointCloud data, 6DoF information, etc...

A Vuforia sample is also available on request.

Here is a complete recap of our work in a video format.

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