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This article describes the features provided with the Lynx SDK.

New features are coming progressively with each update of the SDK.


The SDK allows you to enable or disable AR easily with custom features and configuration.

Open custom settings

Under Project Settings > OpenXR > Lynx-R1, you can access the custom settings.

Then, you can customize the settings.

Enable or disable AR/VR from script

To enable or disable AR/VR at runtime, you can directly call LynxAPI methods.

LynxAPI.IsAR(); // Check if the application is currenlty in AR mode
LynxAPI.IsVR(); // Check if the application is currenlty in VR mode
LynxAPI.SetAR(); // Enable AR mode.
LynxAPI.SetVR(); // Disable AR mode.
LynxAPI.ToggleAR(); // Switch between AR and VR modes.

LynxAPI.SetAROnly(); // Enable AR only mode (disable all objects not having Visible in Full AR tag).
LynxAPI.SetAROnly(false); // Disable AR only mode (re-enable all objects not having Visible in Full AR tag and hiddern by SetAROnly).
LynxAPI.ToggleAROnly(); // Switch between AR and VR modes (based on Visible in Full AR tag)
LynxAPI.GetOpenXRInstance(); //Retrieve the OpenXR instance for more generic OpenXR API calls.

You can also access the event onARVRChanged:

public class TestARVRCallback : MonoBehaviour
        public GameObject m_cubeAR = null;
        public GameObject m_cubeVR = null;

        void Awake()
            LynxAPI.onARVRChanged += ARVRChanged;

        public void ARVRChanged(bool isAR)
            Debug.Log($"ARVR changed. Is AR? {isAR}");

Current limitation

HDR (URP) and post processing

Currently, using HDR with URP or post processing are not working.

There are some conflicts with the AR layer (we are working on it).

Cameras image recovery

(Work in progress)

Environment mesh

(Work in progress)