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This article describes how to integrate the Ultraleap handtracking in your project and how to use it in your scene with the Lynx SDK.


Project setup

1. Import Modules package

At first, you must import in your project the Lynx Modules package from the Lynx SDK.

2. Import and configure Ultraleap packages

Following Project setup, you should already have the Ultraleap packages installed.

However, to be sure, you can automatically install the package by following the steps 2 and 3 in Project setup section:

Lynx > Settings > Install packages

Lynx > Settings > Configure project settings

Alternatively, for manual installation, please refer to Ultraleap XR and XRI documentation.

Scene setup

The Ultraleap SDK supports XR Interaction Toolkit, so it is possible to use previously made scenes with OpenXR and XR Interaction Tookit with handtracking.

To ease the setup from scratch, it is possible to add the handtracking via the Unity Editor from Lynx menu in or context menu.

Lynx > Inputs > Handtracking > Add handtracking

Right click > Lynx > Inputs > Add handtracking

A popup window should appear, select the XR interactors you want to use.

Then, "Add" to add handtracking features (under Camera Offset).

You are now ready to build your handtracking scene!

Sometimes handtracking settings are not correclty set when configuring the project automatically.

Please, check the following settings from Unity editor menu: Ultraleap > Open Ultraleap Settings

Then in the inspector, be sure "Update Meta Aim Input System" is enabled.